Saturday, August 22, 2009

Glenn Greenwald Mercilessly Dismantles Marc Ambinder

Former Director of Homeland Security Tom Ridge has admitted that President Bush manipulated terrorism warnings for political gain. Nevertheless, Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic says that mainstream journalists rightfully dismissed liberals who reached this conclusion about Bush during his presidency. Ambinder argues that these individuals were only acting out of "gut hatred" for Bush (translation: a reasonable person would not hold that opinion). Glenn Greenwald responds with grand intellectual rage (the best kind). He also argues that journalists who gave Bush the benefit of the doubt deserve criticism -- not lefties who questioned his motives (agreed). It's a great read!

See: Fringe Leftists Losers: Wrong Even When They're Right

PS: Ambinder subsequently "apologized."


Anonymous said...

"PS: Ambinder subsequently "apologized.""

Well, he didn't. Darren, do not mislead. What he said was, "They haven't changed my mind, but they've certainly modified my conclusion."

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Anonymous: I am not misleading. Maybe Ambinder is. The title of the article says "I'm sorry."

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