Monday, August 10, 2009

Darren Hutchinson "Guest Blogging" on Salon.Com Aug. 13

Hello, readers. On Thursday, I'll will do some substitute-blogging for the vacationing (finally) Glenn Greenwald at Salon.Com. As you some of you already know, I really like Glenn's blog, so I am very excited by this opportunity.

We've arranged a team of guest-bloggers -- one for each day next week -- that is truly great and which will, I'm certain, provide much provocative and fulfilling commentary:

Monday, August 10 - Digby
Tuesday, August 11 - Pam Spaulding
Wednesday, August 12 - The Washington Independent's Daphne Eviatar
Thursday, August 13 - Law Professor Darren Hutchinson
Friday, August 14 - Marcy Wheeler

Please visit Salon.Com frequently - and especially on Thursday, August 13.


Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Very exciting!

You deserve the opportunity, too, my friend. I am sure they will not be disappointed.


Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Thanks. The blogging adventure has certainly been a rollercoaster. Thanks for being a supporter. FYI: I left you a note on your blog last week. Glad to see things went fine.

andgarden said...

Congrats. You have a good voice for this.

Nell said...

Darren, my apologies for leaking the big news yesterday. I'm looking forward to reading your commentary there, and I agree you have earned the honor.

Alessandro Machi said...

Congratulations, just make sure anybody who has ever read your blog agrees with your article. (ha ha).

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Good one, Alessandro! I don't think we'll have complete agreement, but that's what keeps it interesting.....

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Nell: No problem. You actually reminded me that it was ok to announce it. I figured, once Glenn did, so could I.

Anonymous said...

I just posted a comment on your "Palin thinks Ferraro best V-P" column and, incredibly, without even having read this particular post of yours re your "guest" column for Glenn Greenwald at, I telepathically commented that you and Glenn and Joan Walsh were some of the very precious and few *true* journalists around! Guess we have to postpone that I.F. Stone seance, eh?!
Keep up the effort to rehabilitate the Fourth Estate's wayward reason d'etre!
Thanks for your inspiring comments; and can't wait to see your column at You truly belong there.
Regards and never stop being journalism's probation officer! We need to clone you!...

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hutchinson: This is a break for you, and SALON will be getting a fine replacement for Glenn Greenwald, fully up to Greenwald's caliber. Congratulations.

Sincerely yours,
Gregory Koster

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Anonymous: Thanks! Telepathic communication is very cool.

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