Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oklahoma Lawmaker Introduces Proclamation That Blames "Debauchery" in the United States for Sinking the Economy

A prior blog entry on Dissenting Justice explains Rush Limbaugh's effort to link South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford's international adulterous relationship with his frustration over President Obama's economic policies. Just in case people did not find Limbaugh's "thinking" on this issue compelling or entertaining enough, Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern has raised the stakes. Thanks to Jonathan Turley for this story.

Kern recently went on a verbal rampage against gays and lesbians in which she argued that "homosexuality" is a "bigger threat" to the nation than "terrorism." Now, Kern has expanded her moralistic net by introducing a proclamation in the Oklahoma legislature that links the slumping economy with acts of debauchery, which include "abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, sex trafficking, divorce, illegitimate births, [and] child abuse."

Remaining true to her anti-gay roots, Kern is particularly upset that Obama recognized Gay Pride month. The draft proclamation states that the legislature is "deeply disturbed that the Office of the president of these United States disregards the biblical admonitions to live clean and pure lives by proclaiming an entire month to an immoral behavior. . . ."

Kern's proclamation echoes intriguing comments that Newt Gingrich recently made, which link contemporary America with paganism: "I think this is one of the most critical moments in American history. . .We are living in a period where we are surrounded by paganism." At the same event, Mike Huckabee stated that: "I am not a citizen of the world . . . I am a citizen of the United States because only in the United States does citizenship start with our creator."

The draft proclamation concludes with a series of resolutions that urge citizens of Oklahoma and the United States to "repent" and adhere to the Bible. Another passage pleads with God to go easy on the United States for its sins:
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we the undersigned elected officials of the people of Oklahoma, religious leaders and citizens of the State of Oklahoma, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world, solemnly declare that the HOPE of the great State of Oklahoma and of these United States, rests upon the Principles of Religion and Morality as put forth in the HOLY BIBLE; and

BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, believers in the One True God and His only Son, call upon all to join with us in recognizing that “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord,” and humbly implore all who love Truth and Virtue to live above reproach in the sight of God and man with a firm reliance on the leadership and protection of Almighty God; and

BE IT RESOLVED that we, the undersigned, humbly call upon Holy God, our Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer, to have mercy on this nation, to stay His hand of judgment, and grant a national awakening of righteousness and Christian renewal as we repent of our great sin.
Very interesting -- o.k. -- I mean "scary." I believe I saw some fire and brimstone flare up outside just from reading this stuff!

Just for fun, I have posted Kern's recorded warning about the destructive nature of "homosexuality." Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how people can say with a straight face that homosexuality causes high suicide rates. Societal prejudice against homosexuals causes high suicide rates.

Alessandro Machi said...

Ironically, homosexuality may be the one way to reduce the use of the earth's resources.

When the world's economies eventually have to give out rationing tickets for fuel, water and food to the world's peoples, families with kids will suddenly find gays to be their best friends.

Just saying.


Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Noktulo: Why do people blame "homosexuality" rather than "homophobia" for gay suicide -- they do not want to implicate their own hatred or admit that societal discrimination has harmful effects.

Infidel753 said...

I notice that when Republicans put out their lists of evils like pornography and homosexuality and abortion and so forth, they never include hypocrisy. Funny thing, that.

Logically, if government tolerance for stuff like pornography and homosexuality and abortion were the cause of economic problems, Iran would be the economic Colossus of the world.

Those three paragraphs you quoted fly so flagrantly in the face of the First Amerndment that it makes me curious whether a mere proclamation can be found unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Rep. Sally Kern makes me laugh. I'll be the people she represents are laughing too. Get a grip Ms. Kern. You'll be needing another career.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Infidel: I suspect this would raise tremendous First Amendment concerns.

Anonymous: Kern is funny, but I am not sure what her voters think. I suspect that she represents a very religious and conservative district.

FLRN said...

What's the saying??? "Dear lord please save me from your followers!" Since when has truth and virtue been limited to heterosexuals? While she and her constituents are looking for an awakening - I suspect she is really asleep at the wheel.

You are right Darren - scary - creepy even!

Aspasia said...

Oh debauchery sank the economy alright. But, it appeared under the name "greed".

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