Sunday, May 31, 2009

Apparently, the Obamas Should Have Gone to Crawford Instead of New York for Date

Some Republicans -- hopefully not many -- are having a meltdown because the Obamas took a roadtrip to New York (which is a summer pastime here in the mid-Atlantic region). They are complaining that he went out for a day of fun even though the auto industry is struggling.

Perhaps he should have gone to Crawford, Texas instead. That destination seems less controversial -- even during times of great national crises, like wars and unpopped housing bubbles.

Of course Democrats also complained about Bush's Crawford trips, the first one occurring six months into his presidency -- a month-long excursion. Bush had a wonderfully cynical line in response: "I think it is so important for a president to spend some time away from Washington, in the heartland of America." New York City is not the "heartland" (I'm not sure Crawford is either), but it is certainly a magical place. So, let the Obamas enjoy a day away from DC.

The End.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. When Obama spouts off about the sham of "climate change" and then jets off to NY after his campaign trip to Las Vegas, it is hypocritical.

When Obama expresses such "concern" over the economy and then spends money the United States doesn't even have just to have some "fun", it's hypocritical.

To say these things out loud isn't "having a meltdown". It's simply pointing out, once again, that the Emperor has no clothes on.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...


So, if he had never expressed "concern" for the economy, the trip would be fine? That does not sound logical.

Anyway, I have criticized Obama and liberals for being hypocritical many times on this blog. But this is just silly ranting. Unless he lives in a DC homeless shelter and raises his own lifestock for food apparently he would be hypocritical. To freak out over something this little is having a meltdown - or severe overreaction.

Anonymous said...

If he had gone on a working vacation to Hawaii, I would not care. I am just over the whole press release every time he spends time with his wife or daughters. It is not worth freaking out over but it does show his character. The poetry readings, music nights, date nights and White House mixers all add up to a bit much and seem very phony. He was elected to be a servant to this country, not a celebrity.

If he wants to spend time with his family, admirable. Why on earth does he need to publicize it? Maybe he should rent a movie or play board games instead of going to a Broadway play. That is what those of us cutting back in these tough times are doing. Does he really need James Earl Jones to read poetry to him? Is it supposed to be an honor? It seems kind of insulting. Did we the tax payers pay to fly him there?

It would be different if the country was better off economically. But the situation is what it is. People who don't want to pay more in taxes are greedy and selfish and everyone is asked to make sacrifices to provide for those less. He can be an example of that.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Anonymous: the media goes crazy over many things - and I have been very critical of this: 12 Incredibly Lame News Stories That the Media Reported, Instead of the Impending Doom in Financial Markets.

But that does not make the trip hypocritical. I am not sure how expensive going to NY really is from DC for the President. But like I said, either he does nothing in terms of leisure or he is a hypocrite; that's what i am hearing in your argument. He cannot control the media.

Anonymous said...

I guess I am saying if he wants a date with his wife, fine, but don't put out press releases and do photo ops of the date then get bothered when people call it hypocritical because of all the class warfare rhetoric. It is not the date, it is his language.

I know he deserves down time. His down time feels more like publicity stunts ,though, so yes they annoy me.

How about if he keeps having his dates, does so quietly and stops portraying people as greedy and selfish for not wanting to pay more in taxes?

Sorry if I am unclear, I am not a very organized thinker/writer. Want to add, I love your blog! You are very fair minded and reasonable and I find myself agreeing with you quite often though I am fairly conservative.

Kansas City said...

Professor Hutchinson:

You are reciting democratic talking points. Obama does seem to act in extravagant ways that are not consistent with being president at a time of hard economic times. Going to Chicago on Air Force One for a Valentine day dinner? Helicopter and jet to New York for a broadway show? Traveling to Denver to announce the stimulus package? Traveling to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, squeezing in some official business to make the taxpayer pay? Flying in pizza from St. Louis?

Obama is president. He is allowed some luxuries. But he seems to be tone deaf on how these things look and, of course, the liberal media cuts him a break.

One small example:

Bush at one point explained that with soldiers at risk on the front line he gave up golf, which he described as a small sacrifice by him, because he did not want the parents of soldiers seeing him on the golf course while their children were at war. The press mocked him for it.

Now, Obama plays gold on Memorial Day and hardly a word from the press.

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