Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Reader Challenge: How Has Obama Changed DC?

The Politico has published an article with a provocative title: 100 days: How Obama changed D.C. The article is relatively long -- occupying 5 web pages. But there is a major problem with the article: Despite the length and provocative title, I cannot find any evidence in the article which demonstrates that either DC has "changed" or that Obama has changed DC. Perhaps I am missing something because it is too early in the morning, and I have not had my daily caffeine fix. If you find some changes in the article, please let me know!

An important note on two of the authors of the article:
Jim Vandehei and John Harris co-authored the article along with Mike Allen. During the presidential campaign, Vandehi and Harris co-authored an article which concedes that the media reporting in the election was biased against John McCain and in favor of Obama. They, however, blamed McCain! See: 2 Politico.Com Reporters Concede Media Biased, Blame McCain

Update: Politico has published another article that takes a very cynical view of Obama's first 100 days: First 100 days more talk than action. The article, written by a longtime Republican strategist and blogger, is somewhat of a hatchet job. I suppose Politico cannot produce an article on this subject that strikes a good balance.

Question: Why all of the 100 days mania anyway? That is such an arbitrary time period -- a little over 3 months -- for assessing a presidency. It probably encourages presidents who love and are great at creating narratives to do a lot of "formal" things that they can include on a list of accomplishments -- even when substantively, the accomplishments are minimal.


Alessandro Machi said...

The biggest change that Barack Obama has probably brought is the belief that something magical is going to happen, and in the meantime the media gets to enjoy nice White House celebratory meals compromised of 100 dollar a pound wagyu steaks and nice rides on Air Force one if they just tow the line.

The biggest change that Barack Obama could be making is having a real time of rivals that are from outside of Washington circles.

Alessandro Machi said...

lol, meant to write team, not time.

Gordon said...

The "100 Days" meme comes from the FDR administration. FDR enacted an enormous amount of legislation in the first 100 days of his first term, and there have been numerous books on specifically that subject. Ever since, the "100 Days" theme has come up with a new president.

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