Friday, March 6, 2009

NBC Sex Therapist Thinks the Obamas Can Stimulate Romance

Courtesy of Ian Kerner, the TODAY Show's Sex Therapist:
It doesn’t take an expert in body language to see that the first couple is totally into each other. And while I don’t claim to know a single thing about their sex life, I do believe they have one, and a healthy one at that. [Editor's Note: Um. . . .] Actually, we don’t have to speculate too much about the Obamas’ love life because they’ve already told us a lot about it in a 1996 interview with the French newspaper Le Monde entitled “An Intimate Conversation With Michelle and Barack Obama.”

Why should we care about our president’s love life? [Editor's Note: Excellent question!] Because with all the talk of rebuilding our country, our relationships could use some rebuilding too: Divorces are rampant, infidelity is out of control and sex ruts are epidemic. So perhaps our first couple can teach us a
thing or two (or actually five) about how to have a successful marriage . . . .
Learn how to keep your marriage alive here.

Questions: The TODAY Show has a sex therapist? Am I the only person who thinks this is a creepy article?

UPDATE: A reader says that NBC was DUPED! Is the article to which NBC cites a fake?


dualdiagnosis said...

Funny how a couple weeks change things, this was standard fare for a while. It sticks out so much because most others are waking up from the spell.

Anonymous said...

Ian Kerner perpetuates an inaccuracy that was running rampant in the media and the blogoshpere a couple of months ago, to wit: Michelle and Barack Obama were interviewed by the French newspaper Le Monde back in 1996.

Sometime in January, just before the inauguration, Le Monde discovered and published a 1996 interview that had been conducted by an American author/journalist (her name was Marina Cook, I think) for a book she was researching on American marriages. The Obama interview was never included in the final work. How Le Monde came upon this old interview that had never before been published is anybody's guess.

When the interview was first noticed by the American press, the question on everyone's mind was why would Le Monde have been interested in interviewing the Obamas back in 1996 when they were virtually unknown. The answer is it wasn't and it didn't.


(For some reason, Darren, your site would not allow me to post as "Nell" as I usually do. Not sure what I'm doing wrong that I can't seem to sign in.)

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Hi, Nell. Thanks for the update!

Also - use the drop-down window which says "comment as: select profile." Click Name/URL and you should be able to post as you normally do.

Nell (a test) said...

Hi Nell. Yes - it works!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Nell - was the interview done by someone else in 1996 -- and then subsequently purchased by the French magazine? That's a different take. Oh well, I am less interested in that article, than I am in NBC's use of it.

Nell (the REAL Nell) said...

Yes, Darren that's my understanding. The interview was done in 1996 by Marina Cook for a book on American marriages. The interview was not used in Cook's book (she apparently chose to profile another black couple), but somehow this interview was discovered by Le Monde in 2009 and published shortly before the inauguration. It is kind of odd that the interview was lost for 12-plus years and when it finally came to light, it was a French newspaper that revealed it.

When Le Monde published it, of course, they had to translate it from English to French. ABC (the first American media outlet to report on the Le Monde story), in turn, had to translate it back into English. You have to wonder how much was lost in the multiple translations.

(Thanks for the advice on signing in. The first time I tried exactly what you suggested, I got a message which said my "request could not be processed; try again." Guess I didn't try hard enough!)

Nell said...

Darren, I just saw your update. Not sure if I'm the "reader" you refer to, but for the record, I have no knowledge of whether the 1996 interview was completely fabricated or if it was indeed found by or sold to Le Monde in 2009. What does seem to be not in dispute is that Le Monde did NOT actually interview the Obamas in 1996. This is the only inaccuracy I was pointing out in my first comment.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

I changed the settings recently. I like this setup for posting better. What about you?

Anonymous said...

well we have been married for 32 years.
The Obamas are still wet behind the ears. Things can and do change over time. Not all marriages end up in divorce.

FLRN said...
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