Friday, March 20, 2009

The Onion Nails It: "U.S. Troops In Iraq Excited To Finally Return To Afghanistan"

The Onion continues to prove that satire is relevant social commentary:
Members of the U.S. Armed Forces were reportedly overcome with feelings of joy, nostalgia, and optimism this week after learning they would soon be withdrawn from Iraq and allowed to finally return home to Afghanistan.

"I never thought this day would come," said Cpl. Douglas Robinson, who hasn't seen the barren hills and smoking craters of his beloved Kabul in nearly six years. "Being away from those you left behind, for this long, it definitely starts to take a toll on you."

The amber waves of blowing sand and rubble. Added Robinson, "I can't believe I'm going home again."

In 2003, thousands of American soldiers were unexpectedly uprooted from Afghanistan and sent off to fight in a long and bloody war overseas. After serving multiple tours of duty in Iraq, the vast majority of these troops said they couldn't wait to get back and have their lives return to normal.


gcotharn said...

What is the "social commentary"? Is it that only comfortable yokels in America could believe our military are eager to fight in Afghanistan?

I would think our volunteer military, and our high re-enlistment rates, point to the misguided assumptions behind such social commentary.

For over a year now, milbloggers have reported that Marines in Iraq HAVE been impatient to be redeployed to Afghanistan. The left love to say "I want to make a difference; I want to change the world". Our military personnel are on the ground in Iraq/Afghan and are making intellectual judgments that they are making a difference and changing the world. That is why Marines in Iraq are eager to get to Afghan. They believe they can make a bigger difference in Afghan than in Iraq.

I enjoy your blog, even when I disagree - as I do with your comments here.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Thanks GC - although I am confused about the part of my "comments" that you find disagreeable. I only said that satire is relevant social commentary - not that the point of The Onion essay was a definitive and exhaustive view. PS: There are tons of military personnel who simply want to go home. This does not make them less eager to "make a difference in the world."

vanderleun said...

"The Onion continues to prove that satire is relevant social commentary:"

I'll believe that when they start laying into Obama on anything approaching a regular basis. You'll notice they've been just a wee bit reluctant about that.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Vand - thanks for the comment. Are you saying that satire is not relevant social commentary unless it criticizes Obama regularly? Also, I think this is a criticism of Obama's Afghanistan surge.

Innocent question: Is the Oninion on the conservative list of "evil" magazines (like Fox News is to liberals)?

vanderleun said...

No, I'm saying that it is notable that the Onion and multiple other satiric/comedy sources do not seem to be pursuing satire directed at Obama (a person rich in satiric targets) with anything approaching the level of satire and vitriol directed at his predecessor.

Now they might pick up the pace in the future, but since January they've done three items.

Like many other media outlets they're probably seeing which way the wind is blowing as well as being extra-careful.

As far as the Onion being on a list, I don't know of any such list. And if there were one I would have picked up on it.

Speaking for myself, I like the Onion and link to it on a fairly regular basis.

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