Friday, March 6, 2009

Iowans: Pig-Odor Project Is Not Pork

A $1.7 million earmark to control pig odor in Iowa has provoked much laughter. But many Iowans say that the pig project is not pork. Pigs outnumber people 3-1 in Iowa, and that makes for a rather putrid environment:
In Iowa, where the 20 million hogs easily outnumber the 3 million people, the rotten-egg-and-ammonia smell of hog waste often wafts into homes, landing like a punch to the chest.

"Once, we couldn't go outside for a week," said Karen Forbes, who lives near a hog feedlot outside Lorimor. "It burned your eyes. You couldn't breathe. You had to take a deep breath and run for your garage. It was horrid."

She recalls a citywide garage sale held in the town of 420 a couple of years ago that no one attended because of the stink that day.


Roy Lofquist said...

Have I got a deal for you. Us folks down here in Florida will send you 1.7 mil for hogs, then you send us 1.7 mil for alligator control.

Anonymous said...

Why not control the number of hogs. If its Iowa livelihood then they must decide which they want more. The odor was man made IMO

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