Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Evening Updates: Obama a Moderate? Former GITMO Detainee Now Taliban Military Leader, Plus More . . .

Obama Is a "New Democrat"
According to Politico.Com -- DC's gossipy political newspaper -- Obama told the moderate "New Democratic Coalition" that he is one of the gang:
“I am a New Democrat,” he told the New Democrat Coalition, according to two sources at the White House session. . . .

He said he “supports free and fair trade,” according to one attendee, and noted that he was “very concerned about a return to protectionism.”

Obama made similar comments last month during his trip to Canada – America’s largest trading partner – and has shied away from the NAFTA-bashing he engaged in during last year’s Democratic primary.

Last year, calling Obama a "moderate" would have caused leftwing bloggers to spew molten lava (I have the scars to prove it). Times have changed. I do not see him as a fiscal conservative. He is cutting taxes and spending -- just like Bush!

Congress Spends Big, But Gives Taxpayers a Few Coins Back!
After passing an omnibus budget laden with billions of dollars in earmarks, Congress voted to forgo its cost of living salary adjustment next year.

Former GITMO Detainee Now Taliban Commander of Southern Tier Forces in Afghanistan
Great. . . .
The Taliban's new top operations officer in southern Afghanistan had been a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, the latest example of a freed detainee who took a militant leadership role and a potential complication for the Obama administration's efforts to close the prison. U.S. authorities handed over the detainee to the Afghan government, which in turn released him, according to Pentagon and CIA officials.

Cop Poses as a Terminally Ill Cancer Patient?
You betcha -- to stop a physician-assisted suicide ring. Yes - ring. Group officials say they only gave out information on how to end one's life. The State of Georgia says otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I have no longer considered myself a democrat since obama cheated his way into the White House. A new democrat I will never be...don't like kool aid...can't kiss ass.

Decidere said...

My guess is the former Gitmo prisoner as commander is simply for propaganda purposes. 6 years of confinement and ill-treatment and he's going to be the best to lead a squadron? Gitmo prepares you for strike-and-run operations?

Or else it's just made up DoD crap to show Obama why he has to keep Gitmo open and why we can't trust the Afghanis.

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