Monday, February 23, 2009

Will Gary Condit Try to Get His Old Job Back?

The Chandra Levy murder case became an inexplicable media obsession -- particularly in light of the numerous other missing persons in this country. One comic nicknamed CNN the "Chandra News Network," and only the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center could switch attention away from the Levy feeding frenzy. The story ultimately cost Representative Gary Condit his election bid, as voters rushed to equate adultery with murder.

Now that Washington, DC police will soon arrest another individual for Levy's murder, I wonder what, if anything, this means for Gary Condit. Will he try to run for public office again? Probably not. But he has to wish that the arrest happened a lot sooner -- although it seems that some individuals believe that adultery alone justifies the harsh reaction to him. Perhaps people are trying to reconcile their prior mob mentality with the fact that recent developments might actually clear Condit's name.


Anonymous said...

I never thought that Gary Condit was involved in the death of Chandra Levy. I did think that Gary deserved the backlash and shattered career he received from the revelation of his adultery. Experts who have studied adultery for decades (some of whom have testified before Congress) tell us that adultery causes more psychological damage to the betrayed spouse than rape - in part because it is a massive betrayal done on purpose by the one person (your spouse) who is supposed to love and protect you. I realize this sounds dramatic to those of you who want to justify, excuse and downplay cheating, but it is the opinion of experts who try to help the betrayed spouse cope with the aftermath. This doesn't even begin to touch on the damage to children, families and society caused by adultery. Just as this country used to think spousal abuse was a 'private matter' until we woke up and became a bit more evolved, I think that one day we will be evolved enough to recognise that adultery is a serious offense and not something to overlook, excuse or justify.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Anonymous:Thanks for commenting.

I certainly do not want to downplay infidelity, but I do think that this is unrelated to job performance. It is a private matter. Also, I suspect that a lot of things cause emotional letdown, e.g., divorce and breakups generally. I am not familiar with the studies you cite, but the conclusions sound pretty dramatic. Even if they are true, I would rank other factors higher than emotional pain.

Rape is a very violent act and a felony. For that reason, I would think that is far more relevant than infidelity in terms of hiring someone. If these studies are correct, then a bank robbery probably causes less emotional pain than infidelity, but I would not want a bank robber holding the public trust either.

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