Tuesday, February 24, 2009

LA Times Joins the Hillary Media Makeover

The media are covering Hillary Clinton in an all new light. She has gone from evil to brilliant and balanced overnight! I already covered this in a prior post. But now, the Editors of the LA Times (who endorsed Obama over Clinton) have joined the rebuilding effort:
Rather than lecturing China about greenhouse gas emissions, Clinton urged the government not to make the mistakes the United States and Europe had made, effectively taking partial responsibility for the problem. She said that lecturing China has never been productive and that it was time to give the country some of the respect due the world's third-largest economy. It was a successful first foray by the secretary of State. She'll have other opportunities to use the moral and political force of a superpower -- once this country has regained its standing -- to address human rights abuses in China.
Beat 'em up, build 'em up.


Decidere said...

Buckminster Fuller notes that back in the 50's GM ran a computer simulation that showed that giving workers a raise would actually make GM money through loyal car purchases by auto workers.

China is in much the same boat - their relationship is foremost with the US. If we two partners can rebound, then we both win. It's unlikely that 1 will do it without the other.

Ken Ballweg said...

It's like the adults are finally back in charge. Maybe the tone will spread enough that the MSM will stop treating it like a cage match with gotcha film at 11.

Wouldn't that be refreshing.

Stray Yellar Dawg? said...

Standard abuse cycle.

Beat 'er up then tell 'er she's OK.

Brag to the world about the little woman under da thumb....

If she gets outta line.... beat 'er up again.

It was always her fault, ya know....

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Stray - that was some funny hardcore cynicism, but true.

Ken I don't think the adults are back in charge. They will fall off the deep end on the drop of a dime. And we do have a recent example: the stimulus. The coverage of the stimulus had less to do with its content and form of delivering the money, than with "Democrat" versus "Republican." They do not analyze....Instead, they just monitor and encourage combat.

1950 Democrat said...

I agree with Stray. Now that Hillary has stopped being uppity and taken her proper place as Obama's secretary, she gets some pats on the head.

It is odd though that the press sounds like Hillary were out there totally independent making her own decisions, instead of just relaying the 'president's wisdom.

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