Saturday, January 10, 2009

Maxing Out on Lincoln: Obama Will Eat Abe and Mary Todd's Favorite Foods at Inauguration Luncheon

Barack Obama, like Abraham Lincoln, started his campaign on the steps of the Old Capitol Building in Springfield, Illinois. Since that time, he has invoked Lincolnian symbolism many times. For example he will ride to his inauguration by train, following Lincoln's route. He will use the same bible that Lincoln held as he took the oath of office. And he has described his Cabinet as a "team of rivals," a reference to one author's portrayal of Lincoln's Cabinet. [Editor's Note: See what some academic historians think of the "team of rivals concept. It's not pretty.]

If that were not enough Lincolnism for you, Jake Tapper's blog reports that on Inauguration Day, Obama will dine like Lincoln. The luncheon will consist of modern takes on some of Abe and Mary Todd's favorite foods. Check it out here: Obama Will Eat Like Lincoln on Inauguration Day.

Is this getting creepy to anyone else? Well, now more than ever, I guess progressives should assume the role of Abolitionists and Radical Republicans.

For a substantive discussion of Obama's Lincoln symbolism that focuses on policy and political change, see: If Obama Emulates Lincoln, Will Progressives Follow Abolitionists and Radical Republicans?

UPDATE: The Obamas toured Washington, DC today and visited a monument that honors a famous president. Can you guess which one? Here's the answer.


Caustic Sarcasm said...

The Associated Press has just reported that Obama will "free the slaves"! Great News!

Anonymous said...

Enough symbolism. It would be nice to put away the fancy foods and remember the unemployed getting by on bags of donated canned foods.

Ken Ballweg said...

That menu and symbolism were chosen by God knows who, and approved by the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies. The Committee is chaired by Feinstein, and has Dems Reid, Palosi, and Hoyer along with R's Bennett and Boehner on it.

Unless someone can offer evidence otherwise, I suspect Obama doesn't have much to do with the selection of the theme or menu except to endure it.

Creepy yes, but more in the way that Beltway insiders make political statements out of festivities than some weird self aggrandizement by Obama.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Ken - maybe, but that's the same thing that people said when the Inauguration Committee announced that Warren would perform the invocation. Obviously they were wrong about that one. Finally - lighten up. I was just having fun. Here's my substantive post on Obama's fascination with Lincoln: If Obama Emulates Lincoln, Will Progressives Follow Abolitionists and Radical Republicans?

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