Friday, January 9, 2009


I predicted it earlier this year. After the Gators lost at home early this season to Mississippi, I knew that they would go all the way. Watching Tim Tebow's locker room speech convinced me. They would repair that harm, by winning all of their other games. The rest is history. Great game! 4 championships in 3 years (counting the basketball team). Pretty nice.
Here's the season-changing video (post-game Ole Miss); the good stuff starts at 2:29:


FLRN said...

Strong work team, as we hold dear another Day of Celebration in the Gator Nation!
~ Go Gators!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Yes! It was. That's the amazing thing about all of the Gator championship teams of late: they are true teams. There were so many different players who had a hand in the victory. There was one drive in the second half where Tebow basically said "let's get this done." You could see it. He ran for two long gains. And Percy Harvin got two consecutive first downs, injuring himself on the second. Hernandez got a crucial big gainer. And then that amazing interception late in the second half basically shut things down. Wish I could be home in FL to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

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