Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Feinstein Smacks Down Reid and Fellow Democrats Regarding Burris

It's great to hear someone with power unequivocally criticize fellow Democrats on their idiotic position regarding Roland Burris. Diane Feinstein, a senior Senator from California, went against her party and its reliance upon the flimsiest reasons for not welcoming Burris into the Senate -- that Jesse White, the Illinois Secretary of State unlawfully refuses to sign the commission.

Please visit Politico.Com for the full story. Here's a snippet:

I can’t imagine the secretary of state countermanding a gubernatorial
appointment . . . .The question, really, is one in my view of law. And that is,
does the governor have the power to make the appointment? And the answer is yes.
Is the governor discredited? And the answer is yes.

Does that affect his appointment power? And the answer is no until certain
things happen . . . .[Excluding Burris] affects gubernatorial appointments all
over the country.

Feinstein also complimented Burris and criticized the Democrats for failing to resolve the conflict sooner: “[H]e’s not some kid who has no background. I would be hopeful that this thing is going to be settled.”

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