Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Burris Plays Musical Chairs With Senate, Gets Seat

Roland Burris is in the Senate. Democrats have accepted his "new" credentials -- which look remarkably like his "old" credentials -- and now welcome him to the Senate. After days of flouting the constitution and making the politically dangerous claim that unproven allegations of misconduct "taint" and invalidate decisions of the accused, Reid and Obama have caved in and will allow Burris to take his seat in the Senate.

Perhaps the only political casualty in this situation is Bill Richardson. Although I have not seen many commentators link Richardson and Burris, the Democrats' hard line against "taint" made it impossible for them to defend Bill Richardson, who faces a grand jury investigation surrounding a possible "pay to play" political deal -- just like Blagojevich. The same day that Richardson announced his withdrawal from consideration for Secretary of Commerce, Reid and Obama dramatically changed course on Burris.

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Aeneas said...

Not on subject--but I just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog regularly, especially now that I am subscribed. I haven't commented because, I'm afraid, I am in a state of suspended disbelief, my mouth open, jaw on the pavement.

I had some zingers for the Lincoln wannabe bit and few others, but I am kind of speechless, unwilling and not capable to put in words waht I really think and conclude.

So, I keep reading your opinions and trying to figure it out. But, you do confirm some of the things I see, sitting here on my web in the dark corner, looking out...

There was a show back in the seventies (I think) called Laugh In. At the end there was this skit where windows opened and one of the comedians would stick his/her head out and deliver one liner--out of context, nonsense, bizarre, off the wall. I feel like I am watching that.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Aeneas - you should definitely comment -- or just continue watching....whatever makes you comfortable. But I must ask -- what makes you "afraid" and puts your "jaw on the pavement"? My opinions or the reality of US politics?

Aeneas said...

No, not afraid... that was just one of those phrases, like 'I'm afraid I'm not informed enough to put forth an opionion.' It wasn't meant to convey fear of anything. :)

As for my jaw on the pavement--it's the politics. That's what causes my speechless state. Your comments and opinions provoke rather a 'ah! so I'm not just imagining!', or 'oh! that's an interesting point of view', and then my little gray cells start thinking.

I have to admit that I feel sometimes--looking at what's going on in DC right now--as if I'm at watching 'let's make a deal' (Can you tell I live close to Hollywood?) and trying to choose between Door 1, 2 and 3, wondering which one contains the real Obama, with the cynical view that none of them do. He's like tofu I think--needs someone else's sauce and condiments (Lincoln, JFK, Reagan, FDR, the worship of the media, the invention that is his writing, etc. etc.) to have a personality. Question is, why? Perhaps you have some thoughts on that.

The rest? Right now, the choices, the statements, or non-statements, the agitation, the waving of arms and the 'coolness' are beginning to bring to mind 'Sleepless in Seattle and Clueless in Vegas' (The second is not a movie... but it should be.) I don't see a path, a theme, a principle, a consistent policy, just a great obfuscation and confusion of words and actions.

Is Mr. O left, center or what? I say that he's none of the above. He simply is where he wanted to be all his life--away from Chicago and from the people and community that used him and he used, where he was because that's the only place that paid attention to him, where he formed a symbiosis he is discarding for the place where he always wanted to be. And I don't mean the White House per se. I mean the world of the White House and that which surrounds it.

Wow, this was long. And a lot of nonsense, probably.

I will though make it a point to comment from now on, even if it just to say--howdie!

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