Thursday, December 4, 2008

Huffington's Hillary Makeover Continues: Pro-Clinton Essays A Dramatic Switch from Prior Coverage

During the Democratic primaries, the Huffington Post was undeniably imbalanced. Most of the blog's coverage of Hillary Clinton portrayed her in an extremely negative fashion, while articles on Barack Obama were typically positive. Now that Obama has picked Clinton to serve as Secretary of State, the popular blog has suddenly altered its coverage of Clinton (just as Obama's description of her has changed). I have already highlighted this new positive take on Clinton, but the "Hillary Is My Homegirl" essays just keep coming.

Today, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordon submitted an entry which praises Clinton as a "Champion of Human Security":
Hillary Clinton will be a strong, effective Secretary of State in the new
Obama administration.

I observed first hand her commitment to peace and justice during the
presidency of Bill Clinton, when Jordan's King Hussein, my late husband, and I
worked closely with the Clintons in an attempt to achieve a Middle East peace.
When they take office next year, I know that President-elect Obama and she
quickly will begin looking for ways to bring security to Israel and justice to
Palestinians, including four to six million Palestinian refugees.

In the Senate, Mrs. Clinton has worked hard to protect other displaced
populations, including those from Iraq and Darfur. . . . .

Sen. Clinton has introduced legislation to help displaced Iraqis. In the
Obama administration she and her colleagues will have to come up with a
comprehensive plan to help Iraqis return to a safe and secure Iraq as U.S.
troops withdraw. This will be a challenge, but she understands that displaced
Iraqis threaten the stability of Iraq, as well as the stability of the region,
and potentially beyond. . . .

As Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton will face many challenges, but I know
from personal experience that she is up to them all.
And yesterday, a Huffington Post blogger defended Clinton against rightwing smears in the essay, "The Pro-Lie Movement Targets Hillary":

The "Susan B. Anthony List" claims Clinton, as Obama's Secretary of State,
will "promote abortion" around the world. According to their November 30
press release, "Clinton will join Obama in promoting taxpayer funding of
international abortions through a revocation of the Mexico City Policy and
restoring funding to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). . . .

Defamation is a tool of the anti-choice establishment. Its campaign
against UNFPA was one of its most sinister. . . .

Hillary has been a big supporter of UNFPA, and for good reason. UNFPA . . . provide[s] lifesaving interventions in the reproductive field: delivering babies, creating healthy births, ensuring that women are well enough to become mothers again, and giving families the methods to space children . . . .

Another report that might interest you: Chicken Little Politics: Moderate Obama Causes Progressive Panic.


Aeneas said...

Am I the only getting nauseated? This is beginning to insult my intelligence. Or, may be they think that we are all at the beginning stages of senility and we don't remember what happened during the primaries? Do they hold us in such contempt and think so little of our intelligence?

Please say it ain't so.

But then, Mr. Reid says we smell.

I am no longer a cynic; I am beyond cynic. I am becoming an armchair, Baroque nihilist. (oooooh, that sounded good.)

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

I was called a nihilist today -- but nothing as awesome as a Baroque nihilist....

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