Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Voters Ban Same-Sex Marriage, Affirmative Action, and Gay Adoption, Reject Abortion Ban

Florida voters amended the state constitution to define marriage in heterosexual terms. So have California and Arizona voters (see here and here). Arkansas has voted to ban adoption and fostering by unmarried individuals, a law that targeted gays and lesbians. Nebraska voters have made affirmative action based on race, ethnicity, sex or national origin illegal in the state. A similar Colorado provision remains too close to call. In a bright spot for liberal issues, South Dakotans have rejected a blatantly unconstitutional abortion restriction.


aSeaNamedSolaris said...

Wow!! How can we make so much progress and yet move backwards at the same time?

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

That's the way it always has been -- which is why I emphasize that change does not occur over night. It is a process of contestation, reaction and more contestation. This is the time to devise strategies for acting. Clear-headedness is a prerequisite in my book.

aSeaNamedSolaris said...

Yup. I think we LGBT folks forget that aspect of the struggle. Rome wasn't build in a day! I suspect that too often civil rights struggles or struggles for change are spontaneous and sporadic and they don't plot a course for change. I'll never forget the Tiannenman Square incident. The students had actually gotten the Chinese goverment to recognize them. But when they entered talks the students did not have a strategy or a plan so the talks eventually collapsed 'cause they did not REALLY know what they wanted. I also remember a documentary that recently ran on LOGO about Bayard Rustin basically saying the same thing. Everyone gets so caught up in the struggle they do not actually have time to lay or plot a course. There were wonderful lessons he learned about organizing such as the fact that the fight is not just on the streets and protesting but also legislative.

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