Sunday, November 9, 2008

Unrelenting: Gators Dismantle Vandy, Wins SEC Champ Bid!

The Florida Gators made it look easy again in a 42-14 victory over Vanderbilt. This week, they continued to massacre other SEC teams in order to get a one-point loss to Ole Miss out of their system. Apparently, running up the clock and being absolutely stingy and greedy on defense is great therapy. It sure is fun to watch.

The win secures the Gators a spot in the SEC Championship game. They will face number one Alabama, who managed to defeat LSU in overtime. Penn State also saved the Big Ten from being embarrassed by the SEC in another BCS Championship Game by losing to unranked Iowa. The Penn State loss leaves Texas Tech and Alabama as the only two undefeated contenders for the BCS prize. If Florida were to defeat Alabama (and close out the regular season without losing), then the team would have a great claim to a seat in the BCS matchup.

The Big 12, which is rivaling the SEC this year as the best football conference, might have something to say to the Gators. Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech are very strong teams. Oklahoma State is as well, but Texas Tech proved that its victory against Texas last week was not a fluke by blowing away Oklahoma State. The intra-conference cannibalism continues!

PS: Although this blog covers law, politics, and world events, as a Gainesville, Florida native, I cannot resist devoting an entry per week to Gator sports.

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