Saturday, November 22, 2008

One Down, Three to Go: Florida Beats Citadel 70-19

After Florida romped South Carolina last week, former Gator coach (and current SC coach) Steve Spurrier showed a lot of class when he encouraged Urban Meyer to win "four in a row." If the Gators follow Spurrier's advice, they would probably win the national championship.

Today, they inched closer to that goal by blasting the Citadel in yet another lopsided outing. Since the Gators lost a home game to Mississippi by a mere one point, the team has won seven consecutive games. And the victories have been decisive. The Gators have outscored opponents 369-82 during this surge . Overall, the Gators have demolished their opponents 512-131.

UF closes its season with an annual clash against in-state rival FSU, followed by the SEC Championship Game against Alabama, which currently holds the top spot in the rankings. If the Gators win those two games, they will likely earn a spot in the BCS Championship Game. If they win the championship, the Gators would attain their second football title in three years, and considered together with basketball, the Gators would have won 4 national championships in four years. Good stuff!

Disclaimer: This blog normally focuses on law and politics, but as a Gainesville native, Saturday means football.

Source: ESPN


FLRN said...

Another day of celebration in the Gator Nation - Go Gators!

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

On pins and needles!

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