Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Obamaland" Divided Over Likely Clinton Nomination

According to Politico.Com, the likely selection of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State has divided Obamaland (whatever that is). Particularly, Politico reports that some of the most ardent supporters view his victory as a repudiation of the Clinton-era politics:
An overlooked theme in Obama's primary victory was his belief that the Clinton
legacy was not, as the Clintons imagined, a pure political positive. The Obama
campaign had no compunctions about poking holes in that legacy and even sent out
mailings stressing the downside of the last "8 years of the Clintons" – enraging
the former president in particular.

And the clearest opposition to the Clinton appointment comes from Obama's backers on the left of his own party, whose initial support for him was motivated in part by a distaste for the Clinton dynasty, and who now view her reemergence with some dismay.
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You can view the full Politico article here: Cabinet Post for Clinton Roils Obamaland.

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