Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama Picks Two Clintonites for White House Positions

One of the things that annoyed me about the "youthful" Obama Internet fans during the primaries was their assertion that people who had served in politics since the 1990s had nothing useful to offer and were just "more of the same." Well, I wonder how they will react to the news that Obama has picked Clinton's impeachment lawyer Gregory Craig as his White House Counsel and Ronald Klain, a former lobbyist and counsel for Vice President Al Gore, as Biden's counsel. Perhaps they are learning that experience matters and that being over 50 does not doom people to political oblivion -- even in an administration of such tremendous and extraordinary change.

PS: Yes -- those young voters really got on my nerves with their arguments during the primaries. Obama did not bother me, but his web-minions did. And yes, I am bitterly sarcastic in this blog entry.

Source: New York Times

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