Monday, November 3, 2008

November Surprise Regarding Troopergate: Palin Did Not Break Any Laws, Alaska Board Finds

As a lawyer, I struggled to understand how the investigation into "Troopergate" could conclude that Palin acted within her constitutional authority but that she violated an ethics statute. I also found it odd that the media did not cover the story as closely as it reported other Palin moments. I suspected that perhaps they knew that something about the report was fishy, but they refused to criticize it for fear of vindicating Palin. Personally, I believe that Troopergate itself was just a bunch of moose crap.

Well, moments ago, the Alaska Personnel Board issued a statement saying there was no probable cause to believe that Palin violated any ethics law in the controversial firing. Basically, this saga is over. But unfortunately for Palin, so is the campaign.
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Anonymous said...

Moose crap? lol. Good one...But you don't really think she's qualified do ya?

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Thanks. My own personal choice -- if McCain wanted a woman specifically -- was Susan Collins of Maine. But because she is more moderate and pro-choice, she would not have inspired the Repubublican base. Honestly, I believe that, after all of the doomesday warnings about McCain being another Bush, that he really was not. Apparently he was going to pick Lieberman, but the party told him not to. As much as I disagree with Lieberman, he is not Bush -- and Democrats worshipped him when he ran with Gore. Now, he's evil incarnate. But, remarkably, voters in blue Connecticut re-elected him under the independent label. That says something.

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