Sunday, November 9, 2008

Governing in Prose: Reality Sets In for Obama's Team

The poor state of the economy, a lack of agreement among Obama's advisors and among Democrats, and the fact that deep pockets of conservatism and moderate ideology still thrive in the nation all lead to one thing: Obama's team has to prioritize and scale back some of the lofty campaign promises. This happens most of the time with new presidents, so it is not unique to Obama. Nevertheless, because a lot of his supporters are young supported him because they passionately wanted "change," the situation may differ for Obama than with other presidents.

Some younger liberals view Obama's election as a complete political realignment. Most political commentators have been more cautious in their outlook. And fiscal constraints would impact Obama's choices regardless of the nation's current ideological composition. I expect Obama to deliver some few specific items to the public (e.g., a stimulus package), in order to point to ways in which he has "changed" things. But I also expect him to continue discussing the fiscal constraints and to assert that change takes time. Apparently, this is what governing in prose looks like.
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Brian C. said...

fiscal constraints will definately be an issue, BUT you're forgeting that democrats control the white house and both houses of congress... also, many judicial appointments will be coming up in Obama's first term. It's likely that dems will inch even closer to the 60 seat majority in the senate... though I FIRMLY believe there's no way they'll pick up georgia. Alaska and Minnesota seem very likely however.

So, with that kinda control, fiscal constraints can and will be refinanced... just like they were the last eight years when we ran to China etc.

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