Friday, November 14, 2008

From Strange to Surreal: Sec. of State Clinton

It's just DC buzz at the moment, but Obama is supposedly considering another Iraq-War supporter for the post of Sec. of State. Last week, news emerged that Kerry "wanted" the post and was being considered. Well, I spilled my coffee this morning when I read that Hillary "More of the Same/Divisive/Racist/Deceitful" Clinton is supposedly on the list of contenders as well. Change sure looks darn familiar to me. Of course, we cannot trust any madness in the media these days. The news that the Palin-Africa-confusion mess was a total hoax pretty much places the media next to Bin Laden my most disfavored list!

Warning: This blog post is based on unverified Washington rumors.


Barry Deutsch said...

For what it's worth -- and Ezra says, it's worth "very little" -- Ezra Klein has some interesting speculation:

"'s important for the Obama team to be seen as seriously considering Clinton for something. But there's not much at sufficient scale. The vice presidency is taken. Health and Human Services, which would fit Clinton's best issue, would be an insulting offer. Treasury is understood to be a position for experts, not politicians. So State is all that's left. It's the biggest prize in the administration. But it makes no sense to put Hillary at State -- Obama's campaign was predicated on the idea that her foreign policy judgment proved pretty bad. And so she won't get it. But respect necessitates that Obama leaks her as a contender for it. Indeed, if she were going to get it, my hunch is there would be no leaks. The fact that she's being publicly considered is probably pretty good evidence that she's been privately ruled out."

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Thanks for the comment, Barry! I actually thought the same thing....and I recently amended the post to say it could be part of a brilliant political strategy. A lot of the public speculation in DC has to do with communicating something to the public. So, Ezra Klein could be right!

FLRN said...

Anything goes aparently to keep the media going and in business - kind of like McDonald's the national news media is hyping up a story that is going nowhere all for a fast buck and scare tactic manipulation...Darren - please don't waste your coffee on this newest ondit of political spin....Ain't gonna happen.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Yeah, FLRN, what was I thinking? Must be the jet-lag or cold air (still in Geneva).

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