Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cure for AIDS? German Docs Believe Bone-Marrow Transplant Might Have Removed HIV from Patient

Doctors in Germany report that an experimental bone-marrow and radiation therapy has completely removed HIV their patient. The treatment has apparently cured him of the disease. Well, possibly. It is hard to make solid scientific conclusions based on the results of one case. And while other patients have also received similar treatments, the results in those earlier studies were not promising at all. Furthermore, the experimental treatment itself is pretty dangerous; it has a death rate of 20-30 percent. On the other hand, AIDS has a much higher rate of death!

If doctors can replicate the results this study and minimize the associated health risks, then this treatment could help lead to the discovery of a viable cure for AIDS. Now, that is something we can all celebrate, unless you are an extremist who believes that God is sending down his wrath upon kids, gay people, heterosexual women, babies in Africa, hemophiliacs, poor people......

Source: Newsweek.Com

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