Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yikes! Congress' Approval Ratings Lower Than President Bush's

Bush's historically low approval ratings have received much attention in the media. Real Clear Politics, an excellent, truly nonpartisan political blog, keeps a tally of all major opinion polls related to the presidential election and congressional races. It also collects surveys of job-performance ratings for the president and Congress as a whole.

According to the latest results, Bush's approval ratings range across pollsters from a low of 26% approve and a high of 70% disapprove. As if things could not get worse, approval ratings for Congress range from a low of 15% approve and high of 78% disapprove. Although RCP also provides a rolling average of all the polls, this can distort results because pollsters employ different methodologies. Nevertheless, job-performance numbers for Congress and Bush are extremely close across all pollsters. The range is very tight. So, basically, people do not like Bush's performance, but they dislike Congress' even more. Why do you think the current Congress has even lower numbers than the president with the lowest approval ratings in modern history?


m.y.d. said...

Why does congress have such low ratings?
Because they said they would end the war and they have not.
They have made a mockery of our political system by abusing the publics trust in this manner. It's disheartening to realize that neither political party has any intention of pulling us out of Iraq anytime soon. Even if they lessen the number of troops, the Dems fully intend to keep a base in Iraq that will continue to infuriate terrorists for generations to come.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Hi, MYD. I agree that the Democrats took a hit with the war stuff. It made them untrustworthy. Congress tends to have lower ratings than the President, historically, I believe (need to confirm). But I think it is odd, given the almost complete lack of support for Bush.

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