Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Sober Look at a Democratic Sweep

(New York Times photo)

The prospect of a Democratic sweep in Novemember has both parties running madly. The Republicans fear this outcome, while the Democrats are salivating. In a prior blog post, I argued that even if the Democrats win the White House and expand their control in Congress, the political ideology of the country would prevent them from moving too far to the left (unlees they want a midterm rebellion).

Now, apparently sanity has captured other Democrats. The New York Times has published an article on the political constraints that would limit the Democrats, even if they controlled all of the national government. In particular, the presence of moderate and conservative Democrats in Congress might preclude a wide ideological shift. The article quotes former Vice President Walter Mondale, who served in the Carter administration when Democrats controlled Congress and the White House. Mondale discusses the difficulty of passing a liberal legislative agenda, even with Democratic dominance. The article does not report Carter's opinion on this matter, although presumably the reporter sought his opinion. It is worth a read, if merely for some balance during this time of melodrama.


Maidensong said...

It's a headfake. If the Times publishes it, its because they think it helps the Dem ticet.

They only make this argument because Mccain and downticket republicans are using the Obama/Pelosi/Reid boogeyman for halloween week.

And its working.. as well it should.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Well, regardless of any motivation beyond just bring all the news that's fit to print, I tend to agree with the logic of the article. But I do believe that most of the NYT coverage of the campaign has presented Obama in a positive light, and McCain/Palin in a negative fashion.

Prolix said...

Just discovered your blog. Well done and I'll be a frequent quest. In keeping with your incisive post regarding the treatment of the Clintons, I have to wonder how recalcitrant members of Congress shall be labeled? The bloodletting has just begun I fear.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Hi, Prolix. Thanks for visiting. My views of the Democratic primaries led me to start the blog. Several students and friends in fact told me I needed to get a wider audience for views. So I have.

Most of my disappointment, however, centers around how liberals behaved - not any particular candidate, including Obama. Liberals acted as if sexism did not matter. They promoted the naive idea that Democrats could silence Republicans. They inappropriately invoked race, just for political gain. And, most troubling, they seemed to embrace one of the worst aspects of the Bush administration: condemning dissent. The title of the blog came from that last concern.

So welcome aboard. The blog takes a look at a variety of social issues, not just election politics (although I am definitely passionate about this topic).

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