Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Most of Today's Polls (Even Daily Kos) Show Presidential Race Tightening

Most of today's polls, including one sponsored by the liberal blog Daily Kos (only 26% of the Daily Kos sample of likely voters is Republican), show the presidential race is tightening. McCain, however, still trails Obama in all of them. The Rasmussen poll is now down to a 3-point race, as is GWU. Daily Kos is now at 6 points, and Zogby stands at 5. A week ago, Daily Kos reported a 10-point deficit for McCain. See Pollster.Com for all of the latest poll updates and commentary.


Bob Vanderet said...

The race is only "tightening" on a national level, where it doesn't matter (ask Al Gore). If you look at swing state polls, Obama is actually widening his lead in those states, where he is now concentrating his ads, volunteers and personal time. The electoral vote won't even be close. Bank on it.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

The race can only tighten so much nationally without tightening in the swing states. So if it is within a point or two nationally, then the swing states will tighten as well. Al Gore's experience only proves my point. He just needed one state to win; even New Hampshire would have given him a victory. Some say he even won - absent the Florida debacle.

Brian said...

People who use the tired old "national polls don't count" line just don't get it.

You wanna know what makes those states "swing states"? It's because those states are microcosms of the country as a whole. When national polls swing one way, the swing state polls will eventually follow.

"Bank on it."

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