Monday, October 27, 2008

Georgetown Law Professor Nan Hunter Urges Caution Among Progressives

Professor Nan Hunter has brought her learned perspective to the upcoming election. Hunter believes, as do I, that the Democrats' success says more about Bush than Obama and that the country has not moved sharply to the left:

The Obama wave, possibly a tsunami, is not happening because all those folks who
voted for Bush, the other Bush, and Reagan have suddenly adopted the mindset of
from each according to his means, to each according to his needs. Conversion
isn't the game here; Americans are looking for a way to express how fed up and
even frightened they are from the Bush regime. Bush loved to posture as the
"bring it on" president, but he now seems more aptly characterized as a
multi-dimensional failure - from Iraq to Katrina to a desperate bail-out when
the economy tanked. In other words, this is an anti-Bush, not a pro-Obama wave.
The frat boy hour is over; we need an adult back in charge.
You can read the full essay here: 9 days and counting: too good to be true?

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