Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Does Biden Have a "Sniper" Issue?

Does Senator Joe Biden have a sniper issue? During the Democratic primaries, Senator Hillary Clinton became the laughingstock on nighttime and daytime television, "liberal" blogs, and among Obama supporters for falsely claiming that she was subject to sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia as "First Lady." Apparently, Joe Biden may have his own snipergate (look here and here), but so far it has not brought Democrats or the media to a lather.

While he was still a presidential candidate, Biden said during one of the debates that he had been "shot at" in Iraq, a statement he now disclaims. And recently, Biden similarly "mispoke" by stating that a helicopter carrying him, other senators, and a "three-star general" was "forced down" in the "superhighway of terror between Pakistan and Afghanistan." The helicopter was indeed forced down -- due to a snowstorm, not a terrorist attack. Granted, Biden never claims that terrorism forced the helicpter down, but he never says that inclemanet weather required it to land either. Within the context of his statement, this omission leaves the impression that something sinister occurred.

I have long argued that Clinton received unequal treatment by some Democrats and (especially) the media during the Democratic primaries. This provides more evidence of my conclusion, which many others share. Yet, at the same time, I do not believe that distractions like this should have relevance in an election. But for Clinton, "snipergate" proved to many who already opposed her that she was unfit for president and even mentally unstable. I seriously doubt that anyone will make such claims about Senator Biden.

PS: Biden also voted for the Iraq War, but during the primaries, Senator Barack Obama said that Clinton's war vote showed a "lack of judgment." Obama also grilled Clinton on NAFTA and the pro-business bankruptcy reform legislation, but Biden voted for both laws. Clinton, of course, could not vote for NAFTA because she was First Lady at the time the legislation passed.


Anonymous said...

You do know the answer.

The Bosnia sniper hit against Clinton was a very well orchestrated attack - blogs and media - which went on for one month at least in blogs before emerging in the mainstream press.

Blogs need media support to be effective. The problem with blogs is that they warn the enemy.

The African garb was also a well orchestrated attack - Drudge and media. This did not come from Clinton.

The Roosevelt-TV story was not really covered either by the press.


Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

It was well "orchestrated," definitely. I agree. But I am not sure about the "innocence" of campaigns. For example, I recall that the Clinton campaign did send the "African garb" picture to Drudge, but my recollection could be wrong. Also, the Obama team floated Keith Olberman's neurotic rant that basically accused Clinton of remaining in the race in hopes that Obama would fall victim to an assasin.

FLRN said...

A bit unrelated but very relevant - you touch on a terrible point, should Obama win the election there is a great chance he will follow the path of Abe, James, Will & John in his first sixty days.

Darren Lenard Hutchinson said...

Be careful FLRN - or you might end up on Keith Olberman's list. I think there is some numerology on assasinations, but I don't know how they play out. I thought that using the formula, Bill Clinton was due for a killing. Ken Starr did that metaphorically. All jokes aside, the number of hate groups would kill Obama is pretty pathetic, but I trust we will not have to endure something this traumatic.

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